There are over 3,000 different species of animals that are considered endangered. A wildlife refuge can make a huge difference in helping these creatures. It gives them a place where they can live naturally and breed. They are safe in a controlled environment like this because there is no fear of hunting or being killed by chemicals. Such sanctuaries are essential for getting the numbers back up, moving more species off of the endangered list, and preventing extinction.

Teaching the Next Generation

In this technologically based society, children often grow up away from nature in a fast-paced world. While technology is certainly important, children also need to experience and appreciate nature. At a wildlife refuge, they can learn about different types of animals firsthand. They will be taught how to identify birds, insects, and mammals. They will find out about the cycle of life and learn respect for other living creatures. A trip to a sanctuary provides a fun and educational experience in nature.

Returning the Natural Balance

Unfortunately, humans have caused many of the problems facing our planet today. Forests have been stripped bare, leaving behind no place for the animals to live. The atmosphere is now filled with chemicals and poisons, making it difficult for some species to survive. A wildlife refuge can help to reverse this damage. The animals have a safe place to live, and the natural balance of the wild is restored. It may not be possible to undo all of the damage, but every little change can make a lasting difference.

A Chance to Get Back to Nature

A wildlife refuge offers more than a safe place for endangered species to live. It can be great for humans as well. Many of the sanctuaries have walking and hiking trails, which allow people a chance to enjoy animals and nature in a beautiful setting. There are more than just endangered animals on a wildlife refuge. There are also plants and insects to examine up close and common creatures, such as squirrels and snakes. It is important that anyone who visits a sanctuary be respectful of those who live there. Guests can look and take pictures, but it is crucial not to touch the creatures. It is also essential that guests clean up after themselves. They need to leave the space as beautiful and clean as it was when they arrived. It is also a good idea to visit at different times during the year. Each trip will be unique.